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This year Wirral Early Intervention have run various mental health awareness sessions in Wirral schools & colleges, and also offer drop in sessions for students.  Recently Woodchurch High School asked if we could provide an information stand during a lunch time in which Dean McShane and Emily Tatler, nboth mental health nurses, presented an information board and mental health awareness games during the session. This year we have completed sessions in most Wirral schools and formed new links with School nurses & Teachers. This runs alongside mental health awareness training for teachers, youth workers and school nurses.


This work is a key component of Early Intervention in the ongoing effort to raise awareness and reduce stigma in communities and we continue to engage with young people’s services. 

If you use our service and have a positive story that you would like to share with others, why not speak to your care co-ordinator about getting it showcased on the OpenMinded website.

For the purpose of confidentiality, names used in our 'success' posts may have been changed.

The 'success' posts on this website can be grouped under two main headings:

Updates from our Teams, showcasing different aspects of the work we do.

Real life stories, kindly provided by individuals that use our service.

Though these accounts come from a broad range of service users with often very different backgrounds, they all tell of how with support, time and determination each individual has managed to move forwards on their recovery journey, to achieve the outcomes they rightly deserve.

We are very proud of the progress all of our service users make towards their goals and would like to thank everyone that shares their story for the inspiration they provide.

Remember you are not alone and the Early Intervention Team are here to help you.
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