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Making Space Carer – Led Support Group for Carers of those with mental health issues

‘We’ are carers who attend a carer-led support group that is based in Northwich. We chat, organise outings, do quizzes, and listen to speakers on subjects that are important to us. Its lovely to look forward to unwinding in a friendly , understanding,  and confidential environment once a month. We welcome new members, and would love you to join us. The only requirement is that you look...

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Resource for siblings

Sibling support  Siblings can be affected by the onset of a psychotic illness in a brother or sister. This can include stress which can be caused by a lack of understanding about the illness, or the availability of support.  Siblings are however well placed to provide support towards recovery.  The E Sibling Project is run by mental health professionals based at King’s College London. We hav...

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Male Carer Groups

Making Space is an organisation that supports carers. They also provide Male Carer Groups for men who support a spouse or relative with long term health problems – which includes mental health. Meetings take place in the Quaker Meeting House in Chester, and the Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre in Ellesmere Port. For more information you can call Simon on 0151 356 0954, or email malecarers@chesh...

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Family Focused

The work of the Early Intervention Service is to offer treatment and support to people experiencing their first episode of psychosis; but a key part of this work is to also offer information and advice to the family, friends and carers of those experiencing psychosis, as we know that you too will have questions and concerns and need support at this difficult time, we also appreciate that you can p...

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Top 10 Links

There are lots of useful websites that you might find helpful in providing information and advice about psychosis and recovery; from how to go about getting help, to understanding the different ways psychosis symptoms are treated, and tips for improving recovery.  There’s support for those experiencing psychosis, but also for their family and carers, and professionals who have an interest in this ...

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