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A few years before the early intervention team were contacted by my GP,  I was at university. It was a big change, many people I knew had left for other universities or for work. In the first year, I began to feel low in mood and anxious. I put it down to being a teenager and the changes I had experienced,  but thought I’d adjust eventually.
  But I found it hard to make friends and felt upset that others had a good social life as well as achieving academically.
When I finished my degree everything seemed to fall apart. My sister noticed a change in my personality,  I was very quiet and withdrawn. And although others were getting jobs,  I couldn’t work because I was so frightened of other people. I thought I was being watched by an entity above humanity but not God.  And was suspicious,  people were poisoning my food,  and this culminated in believing I was cursed and would soon die.
I went to my GP for sleeping problems,  but these things all came out and she quickly referred me to the ei team.
I felt listened to by the team and they involved me in all decisions such as medication and talking therapy. 
As a service user, I got involved in activities organised by the team such as the DJ workshop.  It was good to meet other service users, I got some ideas for bands to listen to and started enjoying different styles of music.
Thanks to all the support the ei team have given me, I have been in steady employment for over two years and am studying at university again.


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