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The Recovery College

Recovery is helping people to be the best  they can and want to be . Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP) is now into the second year of a five year strategy which aims to embed the principles of Recovery into everything we do. 

The West  Cheshire  Recovery College  forms  part of the Healthy Living Centre in  Blacon, Chester and was refurbished to become a place for interactive learning. 

 The college opened this Autumn term with courses in: Understanding Mental Health,  Confidence Building, Introduction to Computers, and Web design. A  course in encouraging  physical activity to promote mental health and general well being is also available.  The courses are available to both people accessing  services and their carers.

 The Understanding Mental Health course which will take place in  the January will include  a session on  psychosis. People will get the opportunity to understand what causes psychosis, how it is treated, and can share their experiences if  they wish to. This session will be delivered by members of the West Cheshire Early Intervention in Psychosis team. 

Details about the venue and times of the course will be published on the Openminded Calender later this  year.

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