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The Big Life Film Project

The Wirral Early Intervention Team has collaborated with The Open Door Centre – a mental health charity based in Wallasey – and Wirral CAMHS to produce a psychoeducational film around mental health. Between November 2014 and March 2015, a group of 6 young people who have previously accessed our services collaborated with us to design, script and record the film.

They decided to explore the link between stress and mental health through the story of three characters, which are all acted and voiced by our volunteers. Though the characters are fictional, their stories were created based on the experiences of our volunteers and our professionals using the Stress Vulnerability model of mental health. Visuals were created by one of our volunteers to illustrate how excessive stress can build up and lead to difficulties.

Two of the production members recording the voice overs for the film

 The aim of the film is to educate young people and professionals in schools and other agencies about the link between mental health and stress. The film includes segments on practical ideas on how to manage stress, such as exercise, talking to others, writing thoughts down and socialising. Our volunteers wanted to deliver the message that the experience of mental health can happen to anybody in times of stress, and that it can be managed.

With collaboration from FreakBeat Films – a film production company based in Liverpool – the film is currently being edited and is due to be screened in late April. Watch this space for further details!

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