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helps the medicine go down.

Early Intervention acknowledges the concerns of individuals and recognises that taking medication can seem like a step into the unknown

For many people experiencing psychosis, medication is an important part of their treatment.  It’s common for people to feel nervous when first starting medication and it’s also common to experience some side effects.  You can expect to have regular reviews with your nurse and doctor about your medication, but it’s important to remember that you can get in touch with us at anytime if you have any questions or concerns at all.

There are also a number of mental health organisations that provide information and advice on this topic.

Rethink Mental Illness, has a section on their website about medication used in the treatment of mental illness, including pages specifically about antipsychotics (antipsychotics is the name given to the medications used to treat symptoms of psychosis); why not check it out:
Link to Rethink website


I decided I needed to help myself…….not stopping my meds like I regularly did and worked with my doctors to be well. I tried to get myself into a routine to help and learnt coping strategies. My medication seemed to get the ‘big’ symptoms under control


Please remember, your medication is really important in helping you to get better; and we are here to help.

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