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The power of exercise

We all know that exercise makes us physically fitter, but did you know that the endorphins (happy natural brain chemicals) that are released when we exercise also make us feel better about ourselves.  Improved fitness can also gives us better confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness; all important parts of recovery.

There are lots of ways that you can exercise, you might:

  • join a gym, leisure centre or fitness club
  • play football or tennis with your mates
  • try something new like cycling or yoga
  • or even just going for a regular walk; it all helps.


You can also ask your GP to refer you to an exercise referral specialist; and your care coordinator can help you to find out about exercise opportunities in your area – you only need to ask.

Don’t forget, there’s also lots of information and advice available online.

The NHS Choices website has lots of information on improving your physical health through exercise; for example try:


Losing Weight link
Link to NHS exercise page


You could also check out what leisure facilities your Local Authority provide in the area where you live:

Cheshire East

Cheshire West



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