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The importance of healthy living 

Healthy living is as much about our mental health as our physical health; in fact they are part and parcel of the same thing because our bodies and minds are linked on so many levels.  Unfortunately, people who have been unwell with psychosis often experience difficulties in achieving good health.

This is because..

…they are less likely to:

  • be active (sometimes due to side effects of medication and losing motivation from being unwell)
  • eat fruit and vegetables (due to financial cost or maybe limited nutritional knowledge or cooking skills)
  • benefit from mainstream health screening and public health programmes

….at the same time, they’re more likely to:

  • develop diabetes
  • have difficulties maintaining a healthy body weight
  • smoke tobacco

There can be lots of different reasons why people experiencing symptoms of psychosis can face difficulties with their physical health, and the Early Intervention Team recognise that supporting you to improve your general health is an important part of your recovery; that’s why, as part of your Care Plan we will work with you to understand what support will help you to achieve better fitness, nutrition and mental well-being.

Remember, recovering from psychosis is about looking after your body as well as your mind.


If you have any questions about your Care Plan, or any concerns about your general health, your care co-ordinator will be happy to help.

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