Practical Support

I was helped with things like helping me to stay on at 6th form, or supporting me in getting to College to study music.  My nurse worked very hard to make sure I maintained a decent quality of life that things were always moving forward.  There are many things over the years that may have never of happened without the support I received.  I dread to think what my life would have been like without the EI Team. 

Your care co-ordinator and other Early Intervention staff offer specialist support with many parts of day to day living. In fact, an important part of your treatment is us working with you to understand what is important to you in your recovery.

We see treatment as not just recovery-focussed, but also goal-focussed. What this involves can vary from one person to another; but, as an example, recovery goals might include:

  • finance

  • accommodation

  • leisure / social activities

  • physical health

  • goal setting

  • identifying individual problems and solutions

  • identifying aspirations and opportunities

  • preventing a relapse

  • stress or anxiety management strategies

  • social support

  • specialist employment and education advice

I got help doing things that I had avoided doing by going shopping and exercising again. I started doing things again that I had used to do. I pushed my own boundaries and made myself get out of my comfort zone.

Physical health is often a particular area of focus for many of our service users, as people experiencing psychosis often face hurdles to achieving good health. Helping our service users to achieve better fitness, nutrition and mental well-being is a priority for our service.

We consider recovery from psychosis to be about looking after your body as well as your mind.

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I really enjoyed meeting others at the bowling and DJ workshops. It helps me with socialising, confidence and self-esteem.

Further help

There are many other organisations that can offer practical advice and support to help you in your recovery; just one example is the Richmond Fellowship, a leading mental health charity whose aim is to support people to recover from mental illness.

Check out their website to see how they could help you.

Richmond Fellowship Link

It’s amazing just what’s out there; and we will point you in the direction of any other agencies or services that we think can help you with your goals. But also, remember to keep a look out on our What’s New and Calendar Pages for regular tips, advice and activities.

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