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Hospital stays are rare

Most people with psychosis can be supported at home by relatives or friends, as long as they are getting regular support from a mental health professional.

Even when you experience psychosis for the first time (a ‘first episode’); we will try our best to treat you at home, so that there’s as little distress and disruption for you as possible.

In some situations though, a short stay at hospital is needed, to allow symptoms to be observed and checked in more detail and to help with the start of treatment.

I didn’t want to go to hospital but now I think that it was for the best… I have a different outlook on life and see myself with a future.

A hospital stay would only be decided if it was the right type of help for you at the time, and where possible it would be discussed and agreed with you first. But, if there were real concerns that your mental health difficulties were putting you or other people at risk of harm, then a hospital stay may be arranged even without your agreement. In this situation, a doctor has powers under the Mental Health Act (a special part of UK law) to make sure that you get the help you need and to protect you from harm.

These days, hospital stays are rare and most mental health difficulties are successfully treated at home. Even when a hospital stay is needed, the aim is always to get you well enough so that you can continue your recovery at home as soon as is safely possible.

Recovery page explains more about the recovery journey and what happens after someone no longer requires support from the Early Intervention Service.

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