The ways in which we can help

Once it has been decided that CWP Early Intervention Service is the right support for you, then we will work with you to agree a Care Plan, a map of the actions that we agree need to be taken to support you. This can include a broad range of interventions or treatments that have been proven to work and are aimed at reducing the distress caused by psychotic symptoms and speeding up the process of recovery.

Each Care Plan is different, because each person’s needs are different.

When first setting out with you to develop your plan, we tend to start with the BIG 6:

  • Employment/Educational
  • Accommodation
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Leisure
  • Financial

As you can see from the list, our approach is to work with you in a very broad way, taking in to account all of your needs.  Your Care Plan is not just limited to your mental health needs, it’s not even limited to these six headings; if you have something specific to you that you would like help with, we can change or add to the Care Plan headings as required.

We will agree a Plan that best suits you

We will discuss your Care Plan with you regularly and talk to you about the progress you are making and any difficulties you might be having. Sometimes we might agree to change or update your Care Plan, to better help you along your recovery journey.

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