We at the Early Intervention Team appreciate that you will want to know where you stand with confidentiality when you make contact or get help from our service. Below is an explanation which we hope you will find useful,…

…but if you do have any questions about confidentiality please ask a member of our team.

  • Any information that you share with staff from the Early Intervention Service, or any NHS worker, will be kept as private as possible.
  • If you are under 16 years of age there is an obligation for us to speak to your parents or guardian, because they are legally responsible for you. This is often helpful, because we can support relatives too by giving them information and advice.
  • If someone gets in touch with us on your behalf we will always expect that they have spoken to you first and that you have agreed to a visit or appointment with a worker from our team.
  • Information will only be routinely shared within the Early Intervention Team and with your General Practitioner – to keep them updated on your progress. We will only share information outside of this group if we have your permission first or if there are concerns about your safety or the safety of others.


Be honest with the EI team because they are professional and won’t stigmatise. Before I came here I never spoke about what I was feeling but I have learnt appropriate ways to express myself and that started with honesty.

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Getting help is the right thing to do