What is Early Intervention?

I was spiralling down a black hole and couldn’t see a way out. I just lay in my bed thinking would this ever stop. After getting help and meeting the Early Intervention Team things started to improve, I started to see the light. I’ve come so far, my whole perception on life has changed, I really am a lot happier and more confident.

stopwatch motifEarly Intervention in Psychosis is an approach focused upon supporting and treating those people experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time; most commonly occurring in the late teens to early years of adulthood. CWP Early Intervention Team is part of a new prevention and recovery model of mental health services, providing interventions that successfully span this critical period of change from childhood to adulthood.

The approach we use is similar to that seen in many physical health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes; where support and treatment starts earlier on in the course of an illness, reducing the chances of longer-term effects. It can help to think about it working in the same way as heart disease, where the symptoms of mild chest pain would be treated, rather than waiting for a heart attack to happen. By providing individualised specialist treatments early on, the long-term effects can be minimised or avoided entirely, so that the service user can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

At the Early Intervention Team, we set a target of trying to keep the timescale of untreated psychosis to less than 3 months. Though it’s important to remember that it is never too late to ask for help, even if you have experienced symptoms for years without any support or diagnosis. As a rule of thumb however the sooner you get help the better.

Getting help early is what the Early Intervention approach is all about. If psychotic symptoms are treated early on it can reduce the disruption to a person’s life and improve their chances of a quick and lasting recovery.- EIT Worker

Getting help is the right thing to do

If you need help, or if you would just like to know more about our service, don’t delay in getting in touch with your local Early Intervention Team.

For more information on the signs and symptoms of psychosis, visit What is Psychosis?

Or to understand what can be early warning signs of the illness, visit Early Signs

An evidence based service

Lots of research programs have shown the real benefits of Early Intervention, which has been described as the:

“Jewel in the crown of the NHS mental health reform*”

In fact, Early Intervention has become one of the most evidence based specialities in psychiatry to date and is now considered a central part of mental health services.

“Firstly service users like it, secondly people get better

and thirdly it saves money*”

*Professor Louis Appleby,

National Clinical Director for Health and Criminal Justice
Professor of Psychiatry at Manchester University


For further information on the background of Early Intervention and its evidence base visit:

Rethink Mental Illness is a national mental health charity that provides a wide range of advocacy and support services to people experiencing mental health difficulties.

Link to Rethink website


EIT is an extremely flexible service. Locations, times and services changed around my needs, which was of massive benefit.

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Getting help is the right thing to do