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The Early Intervention teams are taking part in the Prevalence of Pathogenic antibodies in Psychosis (PPiP) study. 

The aim of this study is to test the idea that some cases of psychosis are caused by immune system problems in some people. The symptoms of these auto immune problems are similar to psychosis.   

A diagnosis of an  auto immune problem can be made by identifying the presence of specific antibodies in the blood. 
People who are newly accepted to the Early Intervention Service (EIS) will be given an information leaflet and asked for their consent to provide a blood sample to see if they have these antibodies.  If we find that a number of people have these antibodies then in the future all people new to the EIS service will be tested. 

If anti bodies are identified, a course of antibiotics will be given as part of treatment.   

To be eligible to join the study you need to be:- 

  • Aged 14-35 years old.
  • Experiencing a  first episode psychosis .
  • Are within the first 6 weeks of antipsychotic medication being  prescribed.
  • Are willing to complete a short interview with PPiP researchers and have a blood sample taken. 

We will be able to inform the teams the results of the study when it has been completed.


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