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Healthy Active Lives (HeAL)

The HeAL statement recognises that young people have the right to have a healthy and active life, and that their physical and mental health will be equally valued. This statement can be found at www.iphys.org.au

The CWP early intervention in psychosis teams are focusing on achieving regular physical health checks and interventions for young people developing psychosis. The statement sets out targets that young people and their families will be able to make informed choices about their treatment; and clients will have their blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels and body mass index regularly monitored.

A target is that young people will  be able to access information and support about healthy eating, stopping smoking, and the benifits of avoiding physical inactivity.

Each team is addressing these issues in different ways: enabling people to access leisure centres, linking in with established exercise classes in the community, and having contact with an exercise instructor. You are welcome to contact your local early intervention team, or you can type ‘physical health’ in the sites’ search engine. This will allow you to access relevant posts, information, and events about physcial health that are on the Openminded web site.


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