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The work of the Early Intervention Service is to offer treatment and support to people experiencing their first episode of psychosis; but a key part of this work is to also offer information and advice to the family, friends and carers of those experiencing psychosis, as we know that you too will have questions and concerns and need support at this difficult time, we also appreciate that you can play an important part in supporting your loved one on their journey to recovery.

Just some of the ways in which we support carers, include:

  • Information, advice and support; provided informally by a member of our team as and when you need to call upon us
  • Carer support groups; usually run of an evening, offering opportunity to discuss a range of topics and meet other carers
  • Individual family work; up to 10 sessions of support specifically focused upon the needs of your family
  • Links with other services; we can put you in touch with other organisations that can also off you support as a carer.

‘The sessions answered all questions very well, feel more informed and don’t feel like it’s just us affected

The CBT therapist was very interesting and showed how each individual needs different styles of CBT

If you have any questions at all about the support we can offer you and your family, please visit our ‘About us’ page for details of how you can get in touch with the team in your area.

There are many other websites that you might also find useful; Rethink Mental Illness is just one mental health organisation that provides information and guidance to carers of those suffering from mental illness
Link to Rethink website

Here are just some of their pages that you might find helpful:


Recognising syptoms

Are you worried?

….offer advice on recognising early symptoms of psychosis and getting help for someone you are concerned about.


Support for families and carers

….talks about how you might be affected as a carer, friend or family and support that you can access



….provides lots of really useful information that might help to answer some of the many questions you might have in your role as a carer.  Including a great factsheet which you can download about dealing with unusual thoughts and behaviours.



….explains rules and rights on confidentiality when accessing NHS services.

As a carer, you could find yourself in the difficult situation where the person you are trying to support doesn’t seem to want your help or that of mental health services, or does not want information sharing with you; if that is the case don’t despair, you can still speak to someone in the Early Intervention Team who can address your concerns in a manner that preserves your loved one’s confidentiality.


Advice for siblings

….recognises that brothers and sisters too can often be affected by mental health difficulties in the family; these pages attempt to answer some of the many questions and concerns that a sibling might have.


And remember to visit our Carer’s, Friends and Family page as well as our What’s New Carer’s, Friends and Family section.

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