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When I first began receiving support from the Early Intervention Team I was in a very bad place. I wouldn’t leave the house and became very isolated and reclusive. At that time I genuinely believed that my life had been written off, that I had no hope of a future.

With mental health issues people can feel stigma exists, when they are too ashamed to talk to others about their problems. I felt very alone in my suffering. But with my care co-ordinator (Nicola) I found that I could talk about my problems without having to feel ashamed and it made me feel like a normal person again.

Nicola was also very persistent, she wouldn’t give up on me even when I hadn’t the belief in myself! Things like helping me to stay on at 6th form, or supporting me in getting to college to study music. She worked very hard to make sure I maintained a decent quality of life and that things were always moving forward. There are many things over the years that may have never happened without the support I received. I dread to think what my life would have been like without the EI Team and in all honesty I believe the EI Team saved my life…

I would also like to note that my psychiatrist was very good too. Understanding and responsive to my concerns rather than a psychiatrist who is simply trying to tick boxes and diagnose people. He was good at explaining things to help me understand myself a bit better!


There isn’t anything I could say which could improve the EI Team they are a fantastic group of people and I’ll be ever grateful for the support I’ve received from them.


If you use our service and have a positive story that you would like to share with others, why not speak to your care co-ordinator about getting it showcased on the OpenMinded website.

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Updates from our Teams, showcasing different aspects of the work we do.

Real life stories, kindly provided by individuals that use our service.

Though these accounts come from a broad range of service users with often very different backgrounds, they all tell of how with support, time and determination each individual has managed to move forwards on their recovery journey, to achieve the outcomes they rightly deserve.

We are very proud of the progress all of our service users make towards their goals and would like to thank everyone that shares their story for the inspiration they provide.

Remember you are not alone and the Early Intervention Team are here to help you.
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