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East Cheshire and Vale Royal EI Calendar 2015

The East Cheshire and Vale Royal EI Team based in Congleton have a produced a calendar for 2015 showcasing the art work and poetry of their talented service users.

This is the first year we are attempting to sell our creation and we are asking for a voluntary contribution from anyone who would like a copy; all proceeds made will be going to Jamie’s Fund, supporting mental health care in Uganda.

The role of art in promoting recovery is now recognised in the NICE guidelines for psychosis and we certainly hope these images will inspire you throughout 2015….Happy New Year!

January: “Resolution” by Jo

February: “Swan Lake” by Danielle

March: “The Pigeon” by Rhys

April: “Broken Wings” by Caroline

May: “Misty Meadow” by Jo

June: “Wedding Bouquet” by Jo

July: “The Golden Hour” by Ryan

August: “Soaring High” by Caroline

September: “Fiesta Time” by Sarah

October: “Captain at Sea” by Danielle

November: “The Silent Pool” by Ryan

December: “Frozen” by Kathryn



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