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Early Intervention East


The East Cheshire Early Intervention in Psychosis Team is based in Congleton.

We cover a large area encompassing the entire East, South, Central and Vale Royal area of Cheshire.

The team consists of a consultant psychiatrist, team manager, care co-ordinators (community psychiatric nurses), social worker, support workers, a CBT therapist, an exercise referral specialist and an employment support worker.

We offer up to a 5 year service to young people aged 14 up to about 35 who have experienced a first episode of a psychotic illness.

Treatment is led by the evidence based NICE Guidelines for Psychosis.

The team has a focus on optimism and hope of recovery, family support, holistic care and a reduction in stigma associated with mental illness.

We also place emphasis on being able to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of the service through evidence based outcome measures.

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