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Carers award

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trusts’s commitment to improving help and support for carers and families has been recognised by the Carers Trust with the award of England’s first Triangle of Care Gold Star.

CWP were one of the first members of the ‘Triangle of Care’ membership scheme which was set up to enable mental health Trusts to demonstrate how they are including and supporting carers.

Chris Taylor, CWP Trust carer lead, said: “For CWP to receive the first gold star award is excellent recognition for the Trust and will be good news for the many carers and families supporting people using our services. Being recognised in this way will ensure our continued focus to build positive partnerships between carers, service users and themselves to ensure greater health and recovery outcomes.”

The Triangle of Care project provides an opportunity for mental health providers to demonstrate how they are working to include and support carers and we send our congratulations to CWP on the great work they are doing locally particularly during Carers Week.”

This year the theme for Carers Week is ‘Prepared to Care?’ The campaign aims to raise the profile of carers and highlight how becoming a carer can impact significantly on a person’s life – it takes time, energy, can leave you isolated and can be costly. The campaign encourages the public to think whether they could manage a caring role and highlight the significant support that is available.

In support of Carers Week, CWP will be taking part in a carers information day on:
Tuesday 11th June from 10am-3pm

Middlewich Community Church,
Brooks Lane,
CW10 0JG.

For more information please call: 0800 085 0307 

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