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2013 January

A ‘whole’ new you

The importance of healthy living  Healthy living is as much about our mental health as our physical health; in fact they are part and parcel of the same thing because our bodies and minds are linked on so many levels.  Unfortunately, people who have been unwell with psychosis often experience difficulties in achieving good health. This is because.. …they are less likely to: be active (sometimes du...

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On yeah bike!

The power of exercise We all know that exercise makes us physically fitter, but did you know that the endorphins (happy natural brain chemicals) that are released when we exercise also make us feel better about ourselves.  Improved fitness can also gives us better confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness; all important parts of recovery. There are lots of ways that you can exercise, you might: jo...

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Yeah BUTT!

…I don’t smoke that many… Yeah BUTT! …I only do it to be socialable… Yeah BUTT! …they calm my nerves…   Is now the time to QUIT the excuses and QUIT smoking! There are many benefits to giving up smoking, but particularly for people with mental health difficulties.  As well as the huge health benefits and financial savings, it can also reduce the sympt...

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A spoonful of sugar…

helps the medicine go down. For many people experiencing psychosis, medication is an important part of their treatment.  It’s common for people to feel nervous when first starting medication and it’s also common to experience some side effects.  You can expect to have regular reviews with your nurse and doctor about your medication, but it’s important to remember that you can get in touch with us ...

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